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Excited to see what the next few weeks will prove!! Enter code WELCOME at checkout. BMC Complement Altern Med. No one voted for this item yet. It does not have the side effects of diminished cognitive function that many relaxation agents possess. Compare prices from all stores. Current Therapeutic Research Volume 64, Issue 8.

I have been taking it for a week and my workout capacity has increased. I I'mm stronger and I'm working out forever. I think its due to the. I have more energy and zero crash. I take 6 capsules per day, 2 before each major meals. I'm already seeing major definitions after a week, thanks Top Secret Nutrition. I added this supplement to my plan, and I did not experience any positive or negative results Perhaps it requires longer than months to see the benefits; but, I just don't see any value in this product.

I started using this after completing a bottle of TSN's Green Coffee Bean Extract. I haven't really noticed much difference in appetite suppression or body composition effects. However, there has been a pleasantly surprising boost in energy from the product. I have noticed that, when I take two in th morning and one half way through my work shift, I feel less fatigued at the end of the day.

That is top secret green coffee bean extract plus one of the main selling points of L-carnitine. It is supposed to reduce fatigue by helping your body use fat for energy. It seems to be doing just that. I have been using this product for a week now during my early morning cardio sessions in combination with the bcaa hyperblend, and the results are showing. The anti-catabolic effects of the bcaa plus the lipolysis effects of this product is making my body just eat up the fat.

I recommend a good diet and excercise while using this product but it is an essential product for maximizing fat loss potential. When I got this product, I was at a plateau that I could not get through! As soon as I started using this product, I could feel it working. I feel a buzz of energy within the first hour or so. I was not jittery, just happy! Basically, my system finally started metabolizing fat and it helped to rid my body of the excessive bloating!.

I need to reorder this product, because it made me feel good! I love the results that I had as well. I finally moved past my plateau! I could not get through an entire bottle of this I tried. At first I noticed there was an increase in energy but about 30 min or so after I took them before my workout I got these horrible burps. As a mechanic I do know what grease tastes like and its freaking terrible that is what my burps taste like for at least an hour long.

I will stick to the L carnitine with raspberry ketones no nasty burps. Other than that like Top Secret products like Natural T, cardio igniter and a few others. Sorry Top secret I cannot rate this very highly. Seemed to top secret green coffee bean extract plus me shed a little weight, OVerall its very hard to see these kinds of products actually work short term but i received a bottle from TSN and it seemed to help me.

I usually take green coffee with all my meals top secret green coffee bean extract plus. I've been stacking it with my preWO products and noticed some nice energy benefits and just felt all around better during my workouts. I'm not currently cutting so I didn't take this before meals as GCBE supposedly has appetite suppressing properties, but this would be a plus if you're trying to eat less.

I love this stuff!!!! I just used it last night I teach cardio kickboxing and usually I just take the L-carinitne with raspberry ketones BUT I needed an extra boost. I was so tired from the long day at work and I didn't want to have low energy during my class. The kick that I got from the green coffee was exactly what I needed! L-carintine always helps me boost my workout intensity but that with the green coffe was a great combination and I will definitely use this again before teaching my class.

Although I have only used this for 1wk Stubborn weight that has refused to vanish over the past few months Excited to see what the next few weeks will prove!! Not only do I feel more energized but this product has also helped in my weight loss as well! It's top secret green coffee bean extract plus kicking my morning workouts into high gear. I used to use another brand of L-Carn as a liquid and absoltely hated the taste and didn't feel like it was helping me.

I love the fact that it includes all the benefits of green coffee extract. This is part of my daily supplements.

Dr. Oz Endorses Green Coffee Bean Extract Diet

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