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Forgot your username or email? Search for items or shops. Read Beams Full-bodied with enticing herbal, floral layers and notes of black pepper and tea. It was set up as a response to the dwindling volumes and poor quality of Arabica coffee produced in the region. The coffee is cameroon green coffee beans on the slopes of the mount Oku at altitudes ranging from masl to about foffee. I want to receive Etsy Finds, an email newsletter of fresh trends and editors' picks. DIRECT TRADE WITH FARMERS.

Aseans Cameroon Limited was founded in and today is one of the most respected privately held coffee export company in Cameroon and also trading all sorts of commodities in the local markets. It started in the North West Region of Cameroon with head office in Bamenda. Aseans Cameroon Limited also had a vast experience in the processing industry of agricultural products such as processing of red coffee cherries into exportable green coffee beans.

The industrial complex consists of ten pulping stations and three Hulling stations located strategically within the coffee producing areas of the country. We export premium green Arabica and Robusta coffee from Cameroon to importers and commercial roasters around the world. The combined experience of our partners in procurement and logistics make us an ideal supplier for your specialty coffee.

Washed, Pulp and Dry, Naturals Arabica Coffee. Deep in the Highlands of Western Cameroon, among seemingly endless chains of ancient volcanic peaks, lie a group of villages known as Boyo. Therein live farmers who cultivate, and in 9 months, harvest a high grade of coffee. Read More Full-bodied with enticing herbal, floral layers and notes of black pepper and tea. A group of cameroon green coffee beans smallholder farmers from Cameroon, where Robusta is the traditional coffee harvest, worked closely with a local cooperative to perfect the quality of their beans Read More Coffee is stored in modern warehouse and stored under favorable conditions approved by cameroon green coffee beans ONCC for coffee exportation.

Coffee beans are the seeds of fruits which resemble cherries, with a red skin when ripe. Beneath the pulp, surrounded by a parchment-like covering, lie two beans, flat sides together. When the fruit is ripe a thin, slimy layer of mucilage surrounds the parchment. Underneath the parchment the beans are covered in another thinner membrane, the silver skin the seed coat.

Each coffee bean fruit, or cherry generally contains two coffee beans but the fruit can contain one or three coffee beans. Coffee beans must be removed from the fruit and dried before they can be roasted; this can be done in cameroon green coffee beans ways, known as the dry and the wet methods. When the process is complete the unroasted coffee beans are known as green coffee. With advanced technology, our coffee is processed by the most modern hulling and grading coffee machines.

Once we purchase the coffee from our farmers, we bring it to the mill in Bali, Cameroon where we process the coffee by hand. We then sun dry the coffee, remove the parchment, and in the final state hand pick the coffee twice in order to remove all imperfections. This coffee is blessed with volcanic soil, high-altitudes and no surrounding pollutants therefore thrives independent of chemical inputs.

Our coffee cameroon green coffee beans handle by our highly trained coffee quality control experts and farmers only. We ensure our farmers maintain suitable conditions for coffee cultivation free for any foreign farm inputs. Handling from the farms, transportation to the factory is highly observed and well managed. Farms are well paid as per the market value of coffee. Our workers are paid 2X more than the national average rate.

Medical facilities are provided to our workers, farmers and children in need for free. I have love for African people, their culture and the experience, the exceptional coffee supplied by Aseans Cameroon Ltd being an added bonus. I love working with Aseans Cameroon Limited, working conditions are favorable and extremely good. Regardless of pay package, compression and friendship in the company makes my job so interesting.

Aseans Cameroon Limited is an exceptionally good company in managing quality of control. Leading Supplier Of Premium Coffee Beans. GOOD QUALITY COFFEE BEANS FROM CAMEROON. DIRECT TRADE WITH FARMERS. Coffee Grown At Altitude Above feets. LET YOU KNOW ABOUT US.

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Product Description. Cameroon Fully Washed – Oku Valley This fully washed coffee is from the Oku Valley, Cameroon. Standing over the valley is Mount Kilum (aka. WHO WE ARE. Aseans Cameroon Limited also had a vast experience in the processing industry of agricultural products such as processing of red coffee cherries into. green coffee beans 5 pounds Cameroon Ask a question $ Only 1 available. green coffee beans 5 pounds El Salvador Monte Verde Bourbon Natural Process.