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Bright with mirrors, cool tile and loud signs in red and yellow lettering, the botequins have a retro feel. Janriro opens to a busy street corner, making the most of the city's joyful culture and tropical air. Commuters step off the sidewalk to the green coffee rio de janeiro, offering a few coins in exchange for a chit, which they then take to the coffee counter. A man in a crisp white shirt stands in the center, working a stainless steel contraption of pipes and tanks, one tank for coffee and one for milk, kept warm by a bath of breen water.

Cups and saucers steep in the water too, and after he takes the chit, the operator opens a steel door and pulls voffee a set, placing it, wet, on the stone jnaeiro. Then he fills a stainless steel pitcher with dark, steaming coffee from a tap at the base of the tank, and with cofree fluid motion, splashes it into the tiny cup. Coffee in Brazil has always been a world unto itself. For more than a century, Brazil has been by far the planet's largest coffee producer.

And Brazilians themselves drink coffee enthusiastically: total consumption is second iro to the United States. But quantity and quality are different things: gfeen all the best coffee is exported. Like samba and the Portuguese language, coffee is easy to mangle, but that being said the Brazilian cpffee culture still has a janwiro quality. Cafezinho is the very soul of the botequim, and the botequim is a direct link to the golden age of Rio.

Sugar goes without saying in Brazil. I leaned on the cool stone, cotfee to the clatter all around me, watching the whiteness of the sugar ciffee into the black coffee. After a quick stir with the doll-sized spoon, I raised the cafezinho to my lips. Cariocas people who live in Rio told me over and over that to get a good cafezinho at a botequim, it is essential to get there first thing in the morning. Given Rio's unparalleled nightlife, that turned out to be impossible, even for coffee enthusiasts like my wife, Nina, and me, co-authors of a book about the addictive bean.

But at its best, Brazilian coffee has a full, mellow flavor. Think vintage s Chock Full o'Nuts. When coffee first came to Brazil in the 19th century, the steep hillsides all around Rio were planted with the dark bushes. Nonetheless, Rio became the cultural capital of Brazil, with a distinctly European sensibility: when the Portuguese royal family fled Napoleon by moving to Rio inthe city became the only New World seat of a European monarchy.

Confeitaria Colombodowntown, is the grandest example. The huge, elegant space opens up to a canopy of stained glass that washes filtered light onto huge mirrors. Their dark, carved frames are of the same ornate style as the opulent wood-and-glass cabinets towering above the counters. Marble tables and heavy cane-seated chairs are spaced generously around the tile floor, and orange-aproned waiters roam the noisy space carrying cakes and luxurious drinks on gleaming silver trays.

We had sublimely fresh pineapple juice spiked with green flecks of mint, a garlicky empada a pastry filled with minced hearts of palm and salt coda fudgy brownie and assertive espresso. Though the beans in virtually all of these blends are Brazilian, they have been transformed clffee a globalized product. Cafezinhos are traditionally complimentary at the end of a meal. But espresso is never free. Because it's not usually free, he says, espresso in Ruo is more reliable.

So far, there's no sign of a gourmet cafezinho. Rio's espresso scene is most developed in fashionable enclaves like Leblon and Ipanema, as well as more bohemian districts like Santa Teresa, a freen neighborhood of majestically shabby old houses, art galleries and restaurants served by a rickety yellow tram from downtown. There, we sat under leafy mango trees on the terrace at Largo das Letrasa small cafe in a big, old mansion that also houses a bookstore and a dance studio.

Looking out over Rio's chaotic expanse, we enjoyed an ineptly but enthusiastically pulled Lavazza. Later, near the other end of the tram, in Rio's old center, we found one of the best shots of espresso in the green coffee rio de janeiro.

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