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It is one of the most consumed beverages in Pakistani cuisine. Pakistan does produce its own limited tea in Chinkiari KP farms, however it ranks as the third largest importer of tea in the world. Cities such as Lahore had one of the most vibrant tea cultures, as the drink quickly absorbed into local culture.

The shield on the State emblem of Pakistan notably features a tea crop in one of its quarters. Tea is usually consumed at breakfast, during lunch breaks at the workplace, and in the evening at home. Evening tea may be consumed with biscuits or cake, depending on the amount of time one has. Guests are typically offered a choice between tea and soft drinks. It is common practice for homeowners to offer tea breaks to hired labour, and sometimes even provide them with tea during the breaks.

Tea offered to labour is typically strong and has more sugar in it. High teas are common at hotels and restaurants, and are usually buffet-style meals with light snacks. Tea making techniques vary from home to home, and person to person, but tea is typically made from loose tea leaves and steeped for a couple of minutes before green coffee available in pakistan. A teapot and tea cosy may be used, if time permits, or tea may be steeped directly in the kettle off the heat.

After steeping, the tea is poured into cups through a strainer. Milk may be added before or after the tea, but sugar is typically offered separately so that each individual may add sugar according to his or her own taste. Teabags are usually reserved for when time constraints do not enable one to prepare tea from loose tea leaves. Tea served is typically black, with milk, although green tea is becoming increasingly popular.

While black tea is very rarely consumed without milk, green tea is never served with milk. Most of the tea consumed in Pakistan is imported from Kenya. Afterthe Pakistani government began to implement a tea plantation project, which established green tea estates in Pakistan and achieved good performance. Different regions throughout the country have their own different flavors and varieties, giving Pakistani tea culture a diverse blend. In Karachithe Black tea and Masala chai Spiced tea are popular while the thick and milky Doodh Pati Chai is more preferred in Punjab.

Biscuits and paan are common delicacies and staples enjoyed with tea. In the northern and western parts of the country, including Khyber PakhtunkhwaBalochistan and much of Kashmirthe popular green tea called " kahwah " is predominant. In KashmirKashmiri chai or " Noon Chai ," a pink, milky tea with pistachios and cardamomis consumed primarily at cotfee occasions, weddings, and during the green coffee available in pakistan months when it is sold abailable many kiosks.

In the further north Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan regions, Central Asian variants such as salty buttered Tibetan style tea are consumed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main green coffee available in pakistan Pakistani cuisine and Culture of Pakistan. Lapsang souchong Jin Jun Mei. Earl Grey Lady Grey. Breakfast tea EnglishIrish. Teahouse circuit or trek Himalayas. Tea processing Tea leaf grading. Cultivation: Tea plant diseases and Tea plant predation. Ground or pressed Tea bagTea brick.

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