Greenhouse seed coffee shop

Look out for the huge one eye! Flowering outdoor:Harvest in mid October in the Greenuouse hemisphere, in greenhouse seed coffee shop May in the Southern. The place is allways clean. Hash October 3, Super VM. See how the experts grow these cannabis strains in Holland by watching videos on You Tube - just type in King of Cannabis and get watching how the guys at Greenhouse do their stuff. Heck yeah, but this place is a must-see! Pretty cool looking place.

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Strainhunters Live Thread - 26th High Times Cannabis Cup - Concentrates @ Greenhouse coffeeshop

COFFEE ; SNACKS & CANDY; Celebrities; Gallery; Crew; Events; News; Locations; Contact Green House Namaste Green House Pijp 9AM - 12PM (Breakfast) 12PM -. The Green House was established in in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Since then the company has expanded into various markets, and in the GH brand was. Greenhouse Coffee Shop. expertly grown by the pioneers of the legendary Amsterdam cannabis seed banks. Greenhouse Seeds ; Grinders; Hazeman Seeds ;.